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The Sky Valley Chamber of Commerce & Visitor Center is not a tax supported organization. We spend everything we generate on keeping the Visitor Center open and to support our business community. Our amazing group of volunteers make this possible! Please help us work to build a stronger business community and to become a liaison representing the Sky ValleyThanks to everyone who has renewed! We appreciate your support! We would like to take this opportunity to invite everyone else to join the Sky Valley Chamber and Visitor Center. We pledge to promote your business and the entire Sky Valley to the best of our abilities!


Startup Event Center (Formerly the Startup Gym) News 8-25-16

Thanks to Republic Services for providing a 30 yard dumpster that we completely filled up over one weekend of demo work that helped us clear out the old carpet and cabinets in the lower room and old plaster, etc. We could use a few more people skilled in siding installation. I’d love to consult with an architect and a structural engineer about a couple of things. We are going to be ready for painting very soon. In one week we’ll be pressure washing the block restroom building and will be painting it, inside and outside. We’d like to scrape some sod away from the sidewalks and from around the tennis courts. After that we’re planning to pack down some crushed gravel to create clean edges. This will make it look a lot better and make maintenance a lot easier. We’ll be needing some deals on gravel. 

Work Party this Saturday 8am and Sunday 9am

If you’d like to help out but physical labor isn’t your thing, food is always appreciated as well as financial gifts. All donations are tax deductible and can really be used as the project goes forward! We’ll be working on more fund-raising in the next few weeks. Please let me know if you’d like to help with that end of things. 
Thanks for all of the support! It’s looking great!


NEW DAY – Gold Bar Market – The Market has moved to Saturday to avoid the crazy traffic on Sundays. Hope that you can stop by to check them out. They are located in US Highway 2 Park in Gold Bar. 10 am to 3 pm Every Saturday! Stop by to see what’s new at the Market each week!

Stolen Gun Returned

Last November the visitor center was broken into and the historic handgun in the display case was stolen. Last Friday it come back. A local person found it outside under a bush. He turned it into the City and they returned it to the Visitor Center. It’s a rusty mess but it’s back. According to folk legend the gun was used to kill Marshall Percy Brewster in 1927 while he was stopping a bank robber at the Sultan Community Bank, currently the visitor center. It has been on loan from former Mayor CH Rowe since the building opened in 2005. CH had the firing pin removed so that it could safely be on display.  

We are happy to have this historic relic returned!

Congratulations to Embroidery for the Soul!
Sultan’s Business Spotlight for July, 2016


Embroidery for the Soul is a women-owned business, owned 51% by Elizabeth Lazella and 49% by her husband, Jeffery Dwor. Elizabeth and Jeffery live in Gold Bar and their business is located 403 Plaza Building West Stevens Avenue, Sultan. 

Artistic and creative ability comes easy to Elizabeth because she comes from a long line of circus performers and dressmakers. Her parents were trapeze artists, her mom made costumes, and her grandmother was a dressmaker in New York City in the early 1900s. Her dad was born in 1891 and was a WWI Vet. Elizabeth served in the US Army from 1972 to 1974.

Embroidery for the Soul was born in 1989, when Jeff owned a sewing and vacuum store in Woodinville. He bought a small embroidery machine for Elizabeth and ever since then it became a “hobby gone crazy.” In 2012 Elizabeth developed breast cancer and they closed the business. In 2015, Elizabeth was feeling much better and met a man who wanted her to make 10-foot wide panel walls and needed a warehouse big enough to manufacture them. They moved to Sultan. She makes these 10-foot wide panels for a company called Jiffy Wall, which is a portable privacy wall to block off crime scenes and accident scenes from the gawking public.

While Elizabeth works in the big warehouse in the back, there’s a very nice retail show oom in the front where much of her work is showcased. When asked where they see their business in the next 2- 5 years, Elizabeth and Jeff  say they want to stay here and do more screen printing and embroidery. Their plan is to network with the schools and sports teams. They’re proud to keep their business local with low, competitive pricing.

They gave the Chamber 100 Gold Dust Days shirts and slushy cups to give away at Shindig and Gold Dust Days. In turn they fill the cups for free! Jeff said, he just wanted to advertise Gold Dust Days at Shindig and give folks the incentive to come to Gold Bar for a free slushy.

Sky Valley Community Awards Celebration
Congratulations to
Coastal Community Bank
Sky Valley Chamber Business of the Year!

Coastal Community Bank logo

cascade-loop-videoHelp us Promote the New Cascade Loop Video!

The Cascade Loop promotion is getting a whole lot of traction online (we had nearly 10,000 views in less than the first week live!) but we want to be sure as many prospective travelers as possible are seeing it this winter, to help motivate their wintertime planning. Please consider linking to/embedding the video in your website and sharing it on your social media channels. Here is a link—thanks for helping! 

Enjoy the 2016 Sky Valley Community Celebration Video – What a Great Year!


Touring Washington by Electric Car

Check out the article and slideshow that recently ran in the Bend Bulletin, featuring the Cascade Loop!