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About Sky Valley

Experience the Journey

In 1889, John Frank Stevens, who was later handpicked by Theodore Roosevelt to build the Panama Canal, set out to find a path across the daunting Cascade mountain range. The route he forged became what we know today as Stevens Pass.

The railroad quickly followed and the first train made the journey in 1893.

The original route was much different than the one we are familiar with today. An engineering masterpiece, the track was a collection of switchbacks. Trains climbed 4,060 feet before entering the Old Cascade Tunnel, which was 2.6 miles long.

Chief Sultan.jfif

Sultan was formed at the confluence of the Sultan and Skykomish Rivers by European settlers in the 1880s when gold was found nearby. The City’s location is historically important to the community, first as a Native American village and then as a logging community.

Sultan is named after local Indian chief, T’seul-ted, he became known as Sultan John to locals.

Sultans rich legacy consisted of logging, mining and farming. Today, Sultan is known for its excellent salmon and steelhead fishing, hiking, camping, river rafting and the Annual Sultan Summer Shindig. It is home to the Sky Valley Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Information Center opened in 2005 at the city's Centennial celebration.

A Sultan Secret: 

  • Osprey Park. In fall of odd numbered years, nearly 20,000 pink salmon fight their way up the Sultan River to spawn. This park offers front row seats to this amazing struggle, which occurs every two years. Leash your dogs or be ready to have one stinky ride home. Osprey Park is located in Sultan at 1st and High Street. You can enjoy a beautiful walk on the trails within the park or continue onto Susie’s Trail. The trail connects Osprey Park and River Park along the Sultan River.

  • Dog’s on First dog park is open for your furry friends with a special area for shy or older dogs.

Stroll through town and enjoy fresh pastries, gift shops and more.

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