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Spawnsorship Information

The Return of  Salmon Celebration is a unique event every fall featuring Sultan’s Osprey Park, a salmon-bearing river system. It’s a beautiful place to watch the lifecycle of the Salmon without interfering with nature.  The Return of the Salmon Celebration features many educational booths, speakers, and performers who will be sharing their knowledge of science, fish biology, native culture, history, arts & stories. Sultan is named for Chief Tseultd.

We are seeking financial support for this event and looking for partners who promote the environmental stewardship and healthy lifestyles mission we are trying to build. The covered basketball court in the park is going to be the location for the performances, vendors, and educational exhibits.

Fish biologists will be on hand to take groups of people on walking tours in the park to explain the habitat and the lifecycle of the different species of Salmon that spawn in the Sultan & Skykomish Rivers.

Partners from the last event included:  Snohomish County PUD, Department of Ecology, Sultan Historical Society, Sierra Club, Pilchuck Audubon, WSU Master Gardeners, Wild Washington Rivers, Skykomish Valley Indian Education, Washington Dept of Fish & Wildlife, Department of Natural Resources and many more.  

The Sky Valley Chamber would love to partner with you to promote the Return of the Salmon Celebration!

はい! 2023 年の Gold Dust Days のスポンサーになりたいです

The deadline to be on posters is September 7, 2024

‘Spawnsorship’ Information

Big Fish Level - $300

Name on all promotional materials, including:

Featured on posters, programs, on the Chamber website, Facebook, and recognized at the event as a major partner.

Listed as a primary sponsor in all advertising.

Booth space at the event.

Sustaining Supporter - $100

Name on all promotional materials, including:

Posters, programs, on the Chamber website, Facebook, and recognized at the event.

Listed as a sponsor in all advertising.

Fry- Funding the Future - $50

Listed on Chamber website, Facebook, and recognized at the event

Select an item ($)


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